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for Plains Game in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

2015 Trophy Fee Prices

Listed here are the South African Plains Game animals available to hunt with Trophy Safaris Africa in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Click on the images below to view enlargements.

All prices quoted in US dollars and subject to change.

* - Indicates that a limited number of female animals may be taken at 50% of the listed trophy fee.

**NAD BYOP = The trophy fee for this animal can not be used towards your trophy fee total in the "Build Your Own Package" nor can this trophy fee be discounted.

Blesbok * Blesbok $420   Giraffe Giraffe $4,000
White Blesbok White Blesbok $735   Impala * Impala $400
Black Wildebeest Black Wildebeest $1000   Kudu Kudu $1,500
Blue Wildebeest * Blue Wildebeest $950   Mountain Reedbuck Mountain Reedbuck $490
Bushbuck Bushbuck $750   Nyala - **NAD BYOP $2,200
  Bushpig $575   Red Hartebeest Red Hartebeest $975
Common Reedbuck Common Reedbuck $800     Suni, Livingston - **NAD BYOP $2,300
  Duiker, Blue $750     Vaal Rhebok $1,000
Grey Duiker Duiker, Grey $250   Warthog Warthog $325
  Duiker, Red - **NAD BYOP $1,300   Waterbuck Waterbuck $1,950
Eland Eland $2,200   Zebra Zebra $1,200

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