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"The MacNab" Hunting Package

The “MacNab” is not really a package but one of the most challenging hunts available for the African Hunter. This challenge is to shoot an antelope, shoot a bird and catch a fish. All of this must be accomplished between dawn and dusk of one day.

Leesa on her successful MacNab hunt.

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The Origins of the “MacNab Hunt”

In 1925 John Buchan wrote a novel “John Macnab”.  This was the story of 3 bored sportsmen who wanted to spice up their lives. With Scottish hunting estates being heavily guarded against poaching they delivered a challenge note to three Scottish Landowners, declaring that they would poach a stag each and a salmon without being caught. They signed the note collectively as “John MacNab”. The Landlords hired extra guards 24 hours a day and did not have much stock in their accomplishing this feat. At dawn of the next day “John MacNab” presented their spoils to the Noblemen. Over the years a brace of grouse was added to this challenge and many famous sportsmen and women have successfully achieved the MacNab.

Trophy Safaris Africa "MacNab Hunt"

Our South African MacNab challenge requires that you shoot an antelope (the choice of animal is up to you but it must be a different animal than one that is included in your hunting package), catch a fish and also shoot a game bird of your choice. This challenge must be completed between dawn and dusk of the same day. With the Umkomaas River flowing through our hunting area, all of this can be accomplished from our base camp.

For the hunter that succeeds in completing this challenge, they will be awarded a certificate proving that they are in an elite group that were able to complete their “MacNab”.

Additional Hunting Package Information

We will provide a shotgun and fishing gear for the hunter at no additional cost. The only cost for this challenge is the trophy fee of the antelope that you do take. If you have time during your safari you can request to attempt this challenge or if you know before your safari that this is something that you would like to do for sure, we can add an extra day to your safari to accomplish this.

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