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Build Your Own Hunting Package

Hunt only the African animals that you are interested in hunting with no restrictions. Savings are based on the total of your trophy fees and whether you hunt 1x1 or 2x1.

Cost of this safari is totally determined by you.

Pay only daily rates and trophy fees.

Earn discounts on trophy fees by the number of animals that you hunt.

This package is completely different than any other package that we have offered before and was designed to provide savings for those who wanted to hunt in Africa but did not care for all of the animals that are included in other "packages" or who were only interested in hunting a few specific animals.

With this package there are no animals that are included with the package and you determine which animals that you would like to hunt and what your own savings will be. All of our other packages are based on 1x1 hunting only. With this package you can hunt 1x1 or for additional savings you can hunt 2x1 with your hunting buddy to share those magical moments together while saving money. The additional savings that you will receive with this package is based on the total of our regular trophy fees of the animals that you take.

Save 10%

When the total trophy fees of the animals that you take exceeds $2,500.00 we will give you a trophy fee discount of 10%. Thus if your trophy fees are $2900.00, we will discount that total by $290.00.

Save 15%

If you are interested in more animals, then you will have the opportunity to save even more. If the total of your trophy fees exceeds $3,500.00 then we will give you a discount of 15%. Thus if your total trophy fees are $3,600.00, we will give you 15% off of that total, saving you $540.00!

Total cost of this safari is your daily rates plus your discounted trophy fees. This is a fully inclusive safari and there are no additional fees or hidden charges.

Hunt Terms and conditions:

What this Hunting Package Includes:

What this Hunting Package does Not Include:

Let us share the South Africa we know and love and

make your African safari hunting dream come true.

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