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Trophy Mounts for Hunting Package Animals

Before you depart we will discuss with you what you would like to have done with your trophies. As this may be somewhat of a confusing time, we thought that providing you with some photos of mounts of the animals that are available in some of our safari packages, you would be able to have a little better idea of how you would like your trophies done. Remember that your mount can face straight ahead, or with turns to the left or right. As a reminder of which direction the turn should be, it is considered from the view of the animal. Thus with the picture below of the "Impala Sneak" that is a turn to the right even though the animal will be facing to your left as you look at it on the wall. These turns can be done in any angle and I usually specify the number of degrees from straight. Thus if I want a mount to be looking directly to its right, I would specify a 90° turn.

The main ways of having your trophies mounted are a shoulder mount, a pedestal mount, a half mount and a full mount. You can also get your animals mounted with just the skulls and the horns on a shield if you would like. Although pictures of skull mounts are not shown on this page yet, I will be adding some shortly for you. All of the animals that are shown here have been mounted by Highveld Taxidermy.

Click on the small images to see enlargements.

Kudu Shoulder Mount Kudu Drop Shoulder MountKudu Drop-Shoulder Mount Kudu Sneak Pedestal Mount Kudu Full Mount Kudu Pedestal Mount
Shoulder Drop-Shoulder Sneak Pedestal Full Pedestal
Zebra Impala Blue Wildebeest
Zebra Railwood Pedestal MountZebra Pedestal Mount Zebra Full Mount Impala Shoulder Mount Impala Sneak Shoulder Mount Impala Pedestal Mount Blue Wildebeest Pedestal Mount
Pedestal Mounts Full Shoulder Sneak Pedestal Pedestal
Red Hartebeest   Duiker   Blesbok
Red Hartebeest Shoulder MountRed Hartebeest Shoulder Mount Duiker Full Mount Museum Base Duiker Half Mount Duiker Pedestal Mount   Blesbok Shoulder MountBlesbok Shoulder Mount
Shoulder Full, Museum Base Half Pedestal   Shoulder
Warthog Full Mount Warthog Full, sitting Warthog Double Full Mount Warthog Full, standing Mount Warthog Half Mount
Full Mounts Half

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