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Taxidermy Tips for your Safari in KwaZulu-Natal

(Images on this page are from Bob & Leesa Clark's personal collection mounted by Highveld Taxidermy)

Taxidermy Tips and Information

The moment that your trophy is taken you create a memory that will last a lifetime. Some hunters are happy returning home from their safari with only photographs, others prefer just the bleached skull and horns of their animal. But we believe the majority of hunters want their trophy mounted in some way, such as a shoulder mount, pedestal mount or a full mount. Whether it be a photo, skull or any kind of mount, these will always be a reminder of that particular hunting moment. They will return you to the memory of that hunt and your surroundings, how blue the sky was, the smells carried in the breeze, the terrain and vegetation and sounds that were around you, and all of the emotions and thoughts you had at that moment in time.

Taxidermy of your trophies is considered an option and is not viewed as a must or a part of the safari. However it is something to be thought about, as it is possible for the cost of taxidermy to add up to as much or more than that of your safari.

Initial preservation of your trophy is done by Trophy Safaris Africa prior to delivery to the Taxidermist. You will need to determine what you want done with your trophies. It is best to determine this at the end of your safari, however you can contact Highveld Taxidermy with your final determination when you return home.

Regardless of what choices you make, the following costs will be involved:

Kudu pedestal Mount

Triple Springbok Pedestal Mount

The Taxidermist will tell you the costs for Dipping, Packing and any other taxidermy work that they will do for you. A deposit will be required for these services, however arrangements can be made to send this deposit to the taxidermist after your arrival home. They can also give you an estimate for the shipping charges, although the shipping company sets these charges and the exact amount won't be know until the size of your particular shipping crate is finished. Prior to your trophies being shipped to you, the shipping company will contact you for payment of the shipping bill. Upon arrival in the country the Customs Broker will contact you for final delivery information.

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Triple Springbok pedestal mount.

Kudu Pedestal Mount

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Caracal & Guinea Fowl Floor Mount

Caracal & Guinea Fowl Floor Mount

Black Backed Jackal Family Floor Mount

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