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PheZulu Village


Village Tour

View of the Valley of 1000 Hills

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Other Activities: PheZulu Safari Park

PheZulu Safari Park is situated in Botha’s Hill, a short distance from Durban and this picturesque park has magnificent views of the world famous Valley of 1000 hills. The area is named for the thousands of hills which tumble down to the banks of the mighty Umgeni River, which flows from the distant Drakensberg Mountains to the warm, inviting Indian Ocean. The valley has been home to the Zulu people for centuries and many of them continue to practice and live out their unique traditional lifestyle.

PheZulu Village Tour

PheZulu DancersAt PheZulu village (a truly exciting tourist destination), the world famous Gasa clan has over the last 30 years, allowed visitors to PheZulu the opportunity to savor the taste and feel the rhythm of Africa. Visitors are taken into traditional beehive shaped thatched huts, where the various artifacts, beliefs and rituals are explained, giving foreigners an insight into the fascinating Zulu culture. The Zulu dancing show is impressive with the dancers in their traditional garb, showing off their skills with grace, agility and humor - a truly unforgettable experience!

PheZulu Crocodile and Snake Park

PheZulu also offers a Crocodile and Snake Park where knowledgeable guides will take our guests on a tour. They will learn interesting facts about crocodiles and snakes, as well as meet Junior our 102 year old Nile crocodile and have a hands-on experience with Cleo our 3.2m long Burmese python that weighs in at 42 kilograms.

PheZulu Village Restaurant

The Croctilians Restaurant serves meals ranging from Traditional Zulu meals or Crocodile steaks to toasted sandwiches and burgers. Our Traditional Boma Restaurant makes for unforgettable functions.

PheZulu Safari Park Game Drive

PheZulu has a one hour scenic Game drive which is R120 per person. On the drive you will see wildebeest, impala, blesbok, zebra and giraffe. You will be taught about medicinal plants in the area as well as experiencing the amazing views.

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Souvenir Shopping

PheZulu Safari Park has a great curio shop, however if you would like to see some of the other types of items for sale in the area we will stop at Masakhane Village for some additional souvenir shopping. Masakhane Village contains several different stores with a wide range of items from art to leather products to furniture.

The additional rate of $50.00 per person plus admission applies to this side trip.

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