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Other Activities available in KwaZulu-Natal

Suggested Optional Activities and Siteseeing

While on safari in South Africa, you or a non-hunting companion may wish to take some time out from hunting to see some sights and take in a little more of Africa. Trophy Safaris Africa offers other activities and tours for those interested.

Although we know the primary reason for your trip is for hunting, we also know that some people want to spend some of their time visiting other areas and enjoying the opportunity to see some of the different sites and activities that are available in our region of South Africa. With this in mind we have included some suggested activities that may compliment your African safari. It is difficult to list all of the additional locations, sites and recreational activities that are available so we are including the most popular and will update this page as new photos and information is obtained.

Other Activites Additional Rates and Fees

Because of the logistics involved, the additional rate of $50.00 pp and the entrance fees apply to the following side trips: Midlands Meander, Triple Treat and Phezulu Safari Park.

Click on the images links below to view information regarding each Activity listed.

Midlands Meander Phezulu Safari Park
Tala Game Reserve Triple Treat Tour

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